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Matina Hotel, established in 1958, last renovated in 2019, built in traditional Mykonian style, is well situated in the heart of town with access to all major points of interest: beaches, museums, restaurants, bars, night clubs, shops, banks, transportation. Built on the best area of Mykonos town, in a beautiful garden, Hotel Matina, recently renovated, offers tranquility day and night - all rooms with the facilities listed below. Breakfast in the cozy garden, drinks in the bars, warm family atmosphere, reasonable prices guarantee you an unforgettable stay.
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Chora Mykonos
Hotel Matina enjoys a privileged location, located in one of the finest parts of the island, right in the heart of Mykonos Town, with access to all major points of interest.

Map & Location
Unforgettable stay
All rooms have private bathrooms and feature modern comforts and amenities like hot tubs.

Facilities & services
Organized hotel facilities and high-class services are provided, ensuring a relaxing, carefree and comfortable stay. Our philosophy is simple. Each guest is unique so should our services be!


Accommodation in Chora Mykonos

Comfortable & modern rooms
8 m²    1 person    1 double bed
13 m²    2 persons    1 double bed or 2 single beds
12 m²    2 persons    1 double bed or 2 single beds
18 m²    4 persons    2 double beds or 2 single beds and 1 double bed
16 m²    3 persons    1 single bed and 1 double bed or 3 single beds
20 m²    4 persons    4 single beds or 2 single beds and 1 double bed